Geco Superpoint 0.177cal


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 RWS Super point Extra pellets enhance the performance of many mid-range airguns and pellet rifles. They offer consistent accuracy through precision manufacturing and thanks to their conical head design offer amazing penetration capabilities. The optimized weight distribution ensures high precision. 

The Super Point pellet was designed primarily for field use. Therefore, its high velocity, coupled with its sharply pointed head, and light weight give this pellet truly amazing penetration


Caliber 0.177cal/4.5mm
Head Pointed
Quantity 500pieces/tin
Grain 7.7 grains
Weight 0.50g
Manufacturer GECO, Germany 

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  • Have you hyper impact 10grs.pelley also?

    Sorry! Not available. We have JSB Heavy Diabolo in 10.34grs, if you prefer. Check it out here.