Not a company but the trust built over 25 years of customer satisfaction and delivering of promises


Hi there! Welcome to Cynosure Sports & Outdoors. So glad that you visited us. You must have opened this tab being in dilemma whether you should trust and buy from us or not. Well we can't compel you but can be completely truthful about who we are, how we do our business and what you can expect from us, rest is up to you to decide.


Who we are?

Founded in 1985, earlier we used to be only in wholesale business trusted by many retailers and re-sellers around the country but then we decided to provide the end customers with quality products and exceptional services by our-self. Why we decided that? Well, read along to find out and know more about us and how we do what we're claiming.

What we do?

Basically, we've been wholesalers of Air Weapons, ammunition, accessories, military goods, police goods, etc., to say Sports Shooting, from the beginning and well, we're still. But later as the business grew by God's grace, we acquired franchises of various firms both national and multi-national, in the business. Providing best of our services in delivering goods to our customers, our firm developed a name of trust and growth benefiting both the suppliers and the purchasers. As a result, we expanded and now we've entered into a broader category covering most of the sports & outdoors commodities and services. Although, it is our first time as an online store, which reflects through our little inventory but we will continuously keep adding more and more products, covering as much possible sports and outdoors activities.


Why we do?

In 2017, the firm setup as proprietorship, was converted into Cynosure Sports & Outdoors Pvt Ltd with the sole objective of providing superior retail services to the end customer (i.e. you). Being directly connected to the manufacturers of the commodities as wholesaler and simultaneously selling the product to the end customer, we believe we can provide better services to the customers without intervention of a third party, omitting the chance of fraudulent claims and poor after-sale support leading to extreme customer dissatisfaction.
With the passage of time, God wills, you'll see us continuously developing and enhancing our product and services catalog to ensure that you get what you need and in the best possible way, so that, you can pursue your dreams without having to worry about your requirement being not fulfilled.

Thanks again for visiting!
-Armaan Saifi-


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