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Marauder & Discovery

Marauder & Discovery


Benjamin Marauder from Crosman is one of India's most popular PCP recognised as the best value for money performance airgun. It has all the customising options most of the shooters require together with top-notch performance and accuracy. All the performance and tuning together with a reasonable price tag from Crosman this airgun has become quite an attraction for shooters.

The Marauder can be tuned in a number of ways including muzzle velocity, shot-count, ideal fill pressure and trigger settings suiting to one's personal requirements. The tuning procedure is very basic and doesn't require much expertise and tools and can be done easily with the help of the manual Crosman provides with the airgun.

Considering the built quality, the Marauder is tough and meant to last, the bolt-action mechanism feels sturdy and precise although it is on the stiffer side and requires a little bit of effort to cock. The magazine fits perfectly and works without a glitch. Overall the quality is really good and feels valuable.

The shot consistency is decent, Crosman has greatly improved the consistency to the very last shot. It can easily fire up to 80 shots per fill (the shot count increases and decreases with the settings you set). The impact is great and almost any kind of pellet can be used. The barrel comes suppressed from the factory so doesn't sound too much but just a thud.

Overall, Benjamin Marauder is the gun till now aginst which the many PCPs around the world are compared. Marauder gives you the high-end performance of premium PCPs with a wallet friendly price. The air rifle is the most sought in the second-hand sale market and has the most value in aftermarket sales.


Side Lever Barrel Length 445mm
Pre-charged Pneumatic Overall Length 965.2mm
Max. Energy 19.9 joules Total Weight 3.7kg
250BARs Cylinder Rifled steel barrel
Max. Velocity 1150fps Soft rubber recoil pad
10 Shot Rotary Magazine German Beachwood Stock
Front end 1/2" UNF muzzle thread Automatic safety
Mounting Rail 3/8" (11mm) Dovetail Two Stage adjustable trigger


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