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Gamo Whisper CFR IGT

Gamo Whisper CFR IGT


Gamo came into a power play with this amazing air rifle with quality matched to some most renowned air rifles in the game, as a result, the Whisper CFR became the most sought Gamo air rifle. With some very big shoes to fill, Gamo really stepped up the game with an accurate, quiet and tactical air rifle meant to perform in any condition.

Dressed to impress this amazing air rifle comes with superior fixed barrel accuracy supported by under-lever cocking system. And as the name itself says it, the Whisper CFR is equipped with Gamo’s noise dampening system (NDS) at the front end of the barrel. The stock is an all-weather synthetic thumb-hole type, designed for maximum performance with checkering on grip and at the front end and an adjustable cheekpiece. The stock works perfectly well for both right-handed as well as left-handed shooters.

This airgun works differently than other air rifles in Gamo’s lineup. It has a rotating breach pellet loading system accessible only after cocking the under-lever fully until it locks in place. The reason Gamo has opted for under lever cocking system for the new Whisper CFR is the ideology that the fixed barrel gives superior accuracy compared to break-barrel loading as the barrel is fixed in an underlever system and the chances of barrel wear and leakage over time become considerably less. And as for rotating breach pellet loading system, it reduces the chances of the pellet skirt getting damaged while loading into the pellet chamber which in turn further increases the accuracy.

It has the IGT™ (Inert Gas Technology) system, a new pneumatic loading system which replaces the traditional spring with a percussion cap, resulting in a constant loading effort, less vibration and a shorter ‘lock time’. It also incorporates the SWA™ (Shock Wave Absorber), a new nock exclusive to Gamo, which thanks to its 3 removable parts can dampen the recoil by 74% compared with a standard nock. Its trigger includes the SAT™ (Smooth Action Trigger) technology which is exclusive to Gamo and provides the finishing touch with a clean, relaxed feeling that allows control of the shot for better accuracy.

As claimed by Gamo and tested by various professional shooters, the Whisper CFR has dead-on accuracy with shots group measuring mere 2.9mm centre to centre at 10yards.

Technical Specifications

Coking System Underlever
Power source Nitro Piston Gamo's new IGT (Inert Gas Technology) system
Energy 20J / 15 ft-lbs
Velocity 1050 fps
Calibre 4.5mm/ 0.177cal

Rifled barrel

Optics 11 mm dovetail scope mount with additional height increment cap

Gamo’s noise dampening system (NDS)

Trigger Adjustable two-stage trigger
Front Sight Fibre optics fixed front sight
Rear Sight Fibre optics rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation
Stock Synthetic thumbhole type
Overall Length 46"/ 1168mm
Barrel Length 452mm/ 17.8"
Weight 3 Kgs
Safety Manual


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Disclaimer: Though we try our best to provide you with the most authentic and reliable information but still mistakes happen. The above information is for reference only and doesn't hold and claiming weightage. The product may vary a little from what described above.

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