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BSA Buccaneer SE Wood

BSA Buccaneer SE Wood


Made in Birmingham, England, in a state-of-the-art facility by experienced gunsmiths who take pride in their craft

It won't be an exaggeration to say that Buccaneer SE is one of the finest airguns from BSA. It is extremely well made and completely live up to the BSA name. Buccaneer has been famous for its dead-on accuracy and shot consistency. It is a PCP air rifle and holds a max pressure of 232BARs or 3365psi. The gun is operated through a rear mounted bolt action which is a little bit on stiffer side and requires some effort to cock the gun but it gets eased out gradually with continuous use. The two-stage trigger pull is normal but some may feel a little bit of creep in second stage. The gun has a well designed beech-wood ambidextrous stock which is comfortable to rest your cheek. The stock also has itching on grip and fore-stock which gives an extra edge on holding the gun firmly in your hand. Buccaneer has no open sights so the user is gonna need some kind of optics or scopes to shoot. Buccaneer uses a 10-shot rotary magazine which is super easy to load and slides in nicely into the receiver. The front end of the Buccaneer has 1/2" UNF thread for mounting suppressors or other accessories.

Overall, the gun is finely made and accuracy is great, the only issue which not all but some may find (as it is for every rear bolt action PCP) is that the bolt action is for steady shooters taking their time for targeting but if someone is in a hurry, it'll be a bit of a stress.


Bolt-Action Barrel Length 610mm
Pre-charged Pneumatic Overall Length 1080mm
0.177cal/4.5mm Total Weight 3.7kg
153cc Cylinder Rifled steel barrel
Max. Velocity 1000fps FPS Soft rubber recoil pad
10 Shot Rotary Magazine German Beachwood Stock
50 Shots per fill Checkered forestock and grip
Mounting Rail 3/8" (11mm) Dovetail Manual safety
Max. Energy 19 joules Two Stage adjustable trigger


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Please note as per Govt. of India directives for purchase of any Air Rifle or Air Pistol, the customer has to provide valid ID proof and address proof.
We request you to please share a valid ID proof along with an address proof as soon as possible. Your order will be dispatched once the ID proof and address proof are received.

Accepted documents are:
Aadhar Card/ Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Pancard

You can share your documents here in Whatsapp or you can mail them to us at
Remember whatever document you send, it should contain the same name as in your order and a valid adress.

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