T-Eagle Revenge 2x28 RG


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Ever wondered what can be the smallest size of the scope, well, this T-Eagle scope is the limit. With an astonishingly short length of just under 15cm and weighing a mere 270g, this SR 2x28 scope is no less in quality and performance. Precision clicks for up-down and left-right movements, Mil-dots for accurate projectile path calculation and illuminated cross-hair, everything desired from a scope incorporated in an incredibly small size. The cross-hair is illuminated to prevent blurriness during the far sighting. The short length eliminates any disturbance due to recoils and handling of the gun.

This scope is best suitable for those who wish to take part in games with rapid target shooting.

A pair of stopper mounts are provided with the scope to increase stability and enhance grip.


Magnification: 2X
Red & Green
Weight (ounces): 269g
Tube Diameter: 30mm (1.2in)
Length 14cm (5.5in)

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